Social Commitments

As a mark of a true leader, AG Industries not only excels in plastic products but also makes a conscious effort towards sustainable development. It has successfully attained certifications like ISO 14001 & ISO 18001 for practicing eco-friendly and safe manufacturing methods.It aims to make significant contributions to causes like global warming. AG is an active member of the Green Vendor Development Programme started by HERO, thereby saving considerable Energy, Air & Water. The company has been bestowed with a ‘Best Safety Award’ by the Govt. of Haryana for its customers.

AG Industries Pvt Ltd. has a plausible history of corporate philanthropy right since its inception. The company has its own well-defined CSR Policies to ensure the effective implementation of its CSR activities in terms of Education, Women Empowerment and Environmental Development. The company has adopted Tantwal village which is situated 35kms away from SIIDCUL, Haridwar on NH 74. The Company commissioned MRIDA Group for surveying and identifying the needs of this isolated remote village.

Based on the identified needs, the following activities were taken up and successfully implemented in 2014-15:

  • Solar lights installed for community lighting
  • Women development center for uplifting the socio-economic condition of the women presently training of stitching being given ( chosen based on survey in beneficiary area)
  • Drinking water arrangements, furniture, school boundary wall, sweaters for students, whiteboards and computer systems were distributed to both primary and secondary school of the village.
  • Solar E Hub Centre to facilitate and power up the computer training in the village.

CSR Activities

Gender Empowerment

Stitching Center opened for entrepreneurship for women

Environment Protection

Tree Plantation

Skills Development

Skills Development Of Rural youth done by starting a Computer Centre

Infrastructure To School

Class room furniture, Black Boards, Over Head Water Tanks, Play Grounds Prepared