Future Plans

A.G. Industries Private Limited believes in being up to date with the latest trends and developments. It has further upgraded its services by adding new and advanced technology to its set-up.

AG Industries has setup an exemplary business model in the injection moulding industry. It is consistently striving to further upgrade its services by adding new & advanced machinery to its setup. The company has well laid out plans to diversify in the following areas.

  • Product Diversification
    1. Air Cleaner & Filter (Product Designing, Development & Mfg. JV with Sentec Taiwan)
    2. Blow Molding
  • Establishment of center of excellence for
    1. Training & Skill Development
    2. Product Designing
    3. Proto typing
    4. Testing & validation
  • New Technology
    1. Mucell technology
    2. Gas injection system
    3. Magnesium steering wheel molding
    4. Robotic painting
    5. Air bag technology
  • New projects
    1. Setting new units in Gujarat
    2. Setting up tool manufacturing at Chennai/ Pune